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The One Where IT’S TIME!!!

It’s midnight on July 3rd, which can only mean one thing….IT’S TIME.
 Like I mentioned in this post, the NA Crush Tourney is in full force, and Carson is competing RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE! Betsy over at Book Drunk Blog has done an incredible job so far of advocating for Carson, and now it’s up to you guys. 
We’ve only got 24 hours to show Carson our love, so make sure you vote! Remember, if Carson wins this match, I’m going to release a super secret sneak peek of All Broke Down – you want that, right? 
Here are some other ways you can show your support for Carson today:
-Like Carson on Facebook.
-Join Carson’s Pep Squad on Facebook.
-Follow Carson on Twitter.
-Follow Carson’s advocate Betsy on Twitter.
-Add a #TeamCarson Twibbon to your social media.
No matter what happens today, win or lose, I’m thrilled to have been a part of this tournament. And I hope all you awesome fans will take the opportunity to read any of the books involved if you haven’t already. I’ve read a lot of them, and loved them so much. Please take the time to thank the hosts at NA Alley for hosting such a fun event to celebrate this genre that means so much to so many of us. Thank you all so much!!


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