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1.Where can I buy your books?

All of the Losing It series and Rusk University series books are currently available in print and ebook in the US and UK. Those publishers also distribute to other countries like the Canada, Australia, UK, Philippines, etc.
Translated versions of my books are currently available in the following countries:
Hungary (Losing It and Faking It are available, Keeping Her coming soon)
Greece (Losing It is available)
Translated versions coming soon:
Spain (and other Spanish speaking countries)
For more information on translated versions, check out the Foreign Editions page.
Unfortunately… translating and publishing a work in a new country can take a significant amount of time. I don’t always have release dates for foreign translations, but when I find out about them, I’ll post! I know this is frustrating for foreign readers, but all I can say is that I hope you’ll buy the books when they release and support your local publishers. The more books you buy from publishers in your home countries, the more books they will be able to translate (and the faster they’ll be able to release them too).

2. Are your books available in other countries besides the ones you mentioned?

Not at the moment, but they might be in the future! If you want the book in your country, the best thing you can do is let your favorite publishers know. Additionally, some of the countries listed above have only bought the rights to LOSING IT, and not the other companion books in the series. If you want to make sure your country continues to have my books, the best thing you can do is purchase a copy when it releases and spread the word to your friends. They’ll only buy the later books if the first book is successful.

3. What is “New Adult?”

New Adult is a difficult thing to pin down because it’s a new category in the midst of evolving. It’s a type of book that fits between Young Adult and Adult fiction. It deals with characters in the 18-25ish range who are at college, working their first jobs, figuring out their lives. I’ve discussed what it means to me more in-depth here. But like I said… it’s a new category that’s still forming, so there’s definitely room for variation and risks.

4. Will there be a sequel to LOSING IT?

There is! Sort of. I wrote a short sequel novella called KEEPING HER, which is available as an ebook everywhere and as a mass market paperback for a limited time. It picks up after Losing It, and is from both Bliss and Garrick’s POV.

There are also more books in the series, though each one follows a different main character. The first, FAKING IT, follows Cade (a secondary character from LOSING IT). The second companion novel follows Kelsey, and is called FINDING IT. Bliss and Garrick get some mentions in those books, too. 🙂 There’s also the novella, SEEKING HER, which pairs with FINDING IT.

5. How many books will there be in the Rusk University series?

Five, at the very least! The first three books are out now, and All Closed Off (book four, about Stella!) is in progress! After that, I have plans for a fifth book about Isaiah Brookes. And it’s entirely possible that there will be more after that, because I just can’t stop coming up with ideas for that world!

6. Can you (Cora) read my writing?

Sorry, but for legal reasons, not to mention time constraint reasons, I can’t. I would encourage you to find a critique partner or group to share your work with. There are also a multitude of places online where you can share your work. I highly recommend Absolute Write as a good place to start.

Currently, I am not taking any blurb requests for published authors except in very rare instances. Due to my vision problems (more on that here), I am unable to conclusively commit to reading anything by a deadline.  If you are an author and would still like to inquire about a possible blurb, please contact my agent, Suzie Townsend of New Leaf Literary.  suzie (at) newleafliterary (dot) com.

7. What else are you writing?

Ahhh! So much!  I’m working on the fourth book in the Rusk University series, All Closed Off. Pitched as an NA version of Friday Night Lights, this series revolves around a fictional Texas University and a few swoon-worthy football boys. You can read more about it here.
I’m also working on Inflict, which is the second book in the Muse series. This series is a little different from my usual stuff in that it’s Paranormal Romance (inspired by Greek Mythology), but don’t worry…there’s still plenty of kissing. 😉 You can find out more about the Muse series here.
And in case working on two books at the same time wasn’t enough, I’m ALSO in the process of writing a third book – my first YA High Fantasy! I’m SUPER excited to be releasing a new series in 2017 through Tor Teen. The first book is called ROAR, and you can read more about it here.

8. What are the release dates for those books?

ROAR releases June 13, 2017.
ALL CLOSED OFF will release as soon as possible. Read more about that here.
INFLICT releases….well, unfortunately..I don’t know. I wish I did! You can find out some more information on my publishing schedule here.

9. Where can I meet you?

Oh, man. I am ALL over the place. And new events get added all the time.  Check out my events page to see where I’ll be in the coming year. Also, make sure you follow me on social media (links are in the sidebar), and be sure to sign up for my newsletter for info on all the latest events!

10. What is the reading order for all of your series?

Losing It series
The books can all stand-alone, but if you want to read them in publishing order it is:
Losing It, Faking It, Keeping Her (Losing It novella), Finding It, Seeking Her (Finding It Novella).
Rusk University series
These books can also be read as stand-alones, but I recommend reading them in publishing order to avoid minor spoilers:
All Lined Up, All Broke Down, All Played Out, All Closed Off (coming soon)
Muse series
You definitely want to read these in order – spoilers abound!
Inspire, Inflict (coming soon)