Need Help Writing your book’s blurb/back cover copy?

Hello there! If you’re unfamiliar with my career, I’ve been part of the publishing industry for more than a decade. I’m a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of romance and fantasy whose books have been translated into more than a dozen different languages. I’ve worked slush for both agents and indie publishers. I have experience with traditional and self-publishing in multiple genres. And my absolute favorite thing to do… is write my book’s blurb! In fact, I write mine before I ever write my books! Your book cover is what makes a reader stop and look closer, but your blurb is usually what decides whether your book gets bought. That’s why you should NEVER settle for a bad blurb. And certainly don’t let anyone convince you that AI can do it for you.
But I get it! Blurbs are hard. It’s difficult to know what to include and what to hold back. You have to have to both hook your reader and convey the right expectations for your book. And you have to do it all with a small word count. Let me help you craft the best blurb possible to sell your book!

Services I offer:

Edit an existing blurb: $50

If your blurb is already written, but you know it needs work, I will offer suggested edits to get your blurb to the right mix of concise and eye-catching. It’s absolutely fine if this is a very rough draft. Don’t stress if it’s too long or too detailed or a little meandering. We can fix that! Authors, if you want to update multiple blurbs from your backlist, we can discuss discounts for bulk editing.

Write a blurb from scratch: $100

If you don’t even know where to begin, let me lead you through the process. Together, we’ll drill down to the heart of your story to write the perfect blurb. Please note: This does not include me actually reading your book. You’ll answer some questions about your book for me in advance, and then we’ll craft your blurb together on a one hour zoom call. If you have an aversion to video calls, we can also complete the process via email or chat.

Query letter critiques- $50

Querying agents? I have read thousands upon thousands of queries in my time working for a literary agency and an indie publisher. Avoid query pitfalls and help your query standout in the slush pile.

Brainstorming session- $100

My writing superpower is ideas! (I’m high ideation on the Clifton Strengths test if that’s your jam). Whether you need help breaking through writer’s block, building out a world, or fleshing out a character- I can help! If you need ideas on how to address plot holes orĀ other issues in your writing, I’d love to be your sounding board. I offer one hour zoom calls for all your writing and publishing questions. This session can also be used for career advice and planning.

Contact me at if you are interested in any of the above services.