Need Help Kickstarting your Writing Career?

I’ve been part of the publishing industry for more than a decade, as a New York Times bestselling author and former literary agent, as well as experience in both book blogging and as submissions coordinator at an indie publisher. I have experience with traditional and self-publishing in multiple genres. I’m also passionate about sharing what I’ve learned with the next generation.

Because of this, I’d like to offer my help with the following:

Query letter critiques

I have read thousands upon thousands of queries in my time working for a literary agency and an indie publisher. Avoid query pitfalls and help your query standout in the slush pile.

Blurb/copy help

Like queries, a blurb is about condensing your story into a short hook that will attract readers. It’s one of my favorite things to work on!

Opening Chapter Critiques- 

Getting the first chapter right is key to attracting an agent, publisher, and eventually readers. Let me help you start your story off right. Critique of more than first chapter might be possible depending on availability.

Brainstorming session- 

Whether you need help breaking through writer’s block, help fleshing out a character, or need ideas on how to address plot holes or other issues in your writing, I’d love to be your sounding board. I offer 30 minute zoom calls for all your writing and publishing questions. This session can also be used for career advice and planning.

What does it cost?

Excellent question. I typically charge $40/hr for my services, so costs will vary depending on how much help you need. But if you are experiencing financial difficulty, don’t let that keep you away. Instead, please contact me and we can discuss what you are able to pay.

Contact me at if you are interested in any of the above services.