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March 2016

The One with the LOSING IT Announcement + Giveaway! (Plus a life update)

Have you ever wished that Losing It could be made into a movie or a TV show? If so, you aren’t alone – I get questions all the time asking if we’ll ever see Bliss and Garrick on the screen. And now I can finally say….MAYBE!!


We’ve optioned the Losing It series to Canvas Media Studios for development as a digital series (You can read the exclusive announcement in Variety)! I love the idea of a digital series, since I watch all of my TV online anyway, and binge-watching is pretty much my favorite hobby. Of course, these are still early days, and there are no guarantees, but it’s an AWESOME first step! I hope you’re as excited as I am by the prospect of seeing our favorite awkward heroine and British professor brought to life. Just for reference… my level of excitement is currently here:

I don’t have a ton of information to share so far, but I CAN tell you a little bit more about Canvas Media Studios. It’s an innovative digital studio launched by two-time Emmy Award winning creator Bernie Su and David Tochterman focused on developing scripted multi-platform entertainment franchises and headquartered in LA.  Here are the bios for the founders:

Bernie Su is a creator, writer, director and producer known for interactive and transmedia storytelling. Past projects include the Emmy winning LIZZIE BENNET DIARIES and EMMA APPROVED, and FRANKENSTEIN MD for PBS.  He was named VideoInk’s Creator of the Year in 2014.

(If you’ve never seen LIZZIE BENNET DIARIES… It’s on Youtube, and it’s a retelling of Pride & Prejudice. It’s amazing. GO FORTH AND WATCH. I think you’ll learn pretty quickly why Bernie is SUCH a good fit for Losing It and our awkward girl Bliss. He even read and loved the entire series! Wouldn’t it be amazing to have the entire series done?!)

David Tochterman is a veteran executive and producer with a record of developing award-winning digital and television properties.  He has most recently been a digital strategy consultant for PBS, ABC and Starz.  He launched the digital media division of Innovative Artists, led the television division of Will Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment and was a SVP of the television powerhouse Carsey Werner Company.

As I said, these are still early days. And I’m sure you guys all know that many, many books get optioned for film and TV that never actually make it to the screen. So if you (like me) would love to see the Losing It series come to life on your screens, the best thing you can do is be excited (LOUDLY). Tell your friends. Share this news. If there’s anyone you know who hasn’t met the swoon-worthy hotness that is Garrick Taylor, now is the perfect time to introduce them. The more buzz that is generated about this project, the better chance we have of it becoming a reality! So if you wanted to consider sharing this article with your family and friends and strangers in the street, I’d really appreciate it. 😀

This seems like as good a time as any to go ahead and point out that typically authors have very little control over things like casting. So while you guys can fancast to your heart’s content, please know that A. That is a long ways away. And B. Completely outside my control. And C. I love you.



And a quick life update:

You might have seen this post in January about some health issues I was having that have put some severe delays on my publishing and writing schedule. I am afraid that I still don’t have any news for you about release dates. Nor do I have any concrete news about a diagnosis. I was pretty vague then because I had hoped that I would have answers soon and would be able to come back and give a more comprehensive answer about what is going on in my life. Clearly that is not the case, so here is what I can tell you. Primarily, the issues I’ve been experiencing are vision related, which is why they’ve affected my writing schedule so drastically. I have unexplained central vision loss and distortion in my left eye, along with double vision in both eyes, and stubborn, long-lasting headaches. The good news is after a battery of tests on my eyes, they’ve not found any sign of degenerative eye diseases. So the next step was to look to my brain. I had an MRI and MRA, both of which came back clear– also good news. So the final hypothesis from my doctor was that I had increased intracranial pressure that was putting pressure on my optic nerves causing the vision issues and headaches. To confirm that hypothesis, I had a lumbar puncture (aka spinal tap), which unfortunately (or fortunately… I don’t really know any more) came back showing a normal pressure, complicating that theory. So, I’m still in limbo. I wish that I could offer a more concrete answer with regards to release dates. At the moment, I’m just taking things a day at a time. But at least we all have the possibility of a real life Garrick (sort of) to cheer us up, right? 🙂


Speaking of Garrick cheering us up…how about a little giveaway?? One lucky winner will receive a SIGNED copy of Losing It, and three runners up will get swag packs! Enter for your chance to win here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


All of the awkward <3,