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For a Limited Time Only: Buy Signed Books Here!

Hello friends!

It’s been a while, and I’d love to catch up (and will do so at the end of this post), but I’m going to get right to the point first: I’ve had lots of people ask me recently if they could buy signed books, but I was in the middle of selling my house, and then moving, and there just wasn’t a great time. But I’m happy to report I’m all moved in (haha, that sounds like a Rusk title) to a little duplex in north Austin with room for my office (and a guest bedroom so I can make Jay Crownover visit me).

So I can finally do what I’ve been promising to do “soon” :


Here are the details:

Orders will be fulfilled on a first come, first serve basis. Some titles I have in large supply, others I only have 20-30 copies. I can always order more books if something you want is unavailable, BUT… that process can be slow, so I definitely cannot guarantee holiday delivery on anything I don’t already have in my house (or my storage unit, LOL).

The Good News: I have a LARGE amount of ROAR hardbacks. The hardback edition of Roar went out of print in 2017, so these are getting harder to find. Luckily, I bought A LOT of them before the publisher got rid of them (do some googling if you want to know what happens to books that go out of print. It is a very, very sad topic for book lovers). So, if you want a ROAR hardback, this is your best bet. I do have some Roar paperbacks as well.

I have a decent amount of most of my romance titles from the Losing It and Rusk University series (though I have less available of Faking It).

I have a moderate amount of RAGE hardbacks, and also RAGE paperbacks.

I have nothing for REIGN, before anyone asks. Sorry friends.

Inspire— I have the fewest of this paranormal romance due to Sherlock’s decision to treat a stack of them like a fire hydrant. But I do have a few copies of both the original cover and the current cover.

The Novellas: I have a few copies of each of the Losing It Novellas as well: Keeping Her and Seeking Her. A small number, but I do have them.

There will also be a spot on the order for you to ask for anything aside from these main books – things like international editions, arcs, specific swag items, replacement dust jackets, etc. We’ll then email you to discuss whether we have what you’re interested in, and how to go about adding it to your order.


You can submit your order via this google form. We’ll need your name, mailing address, email address, and the books you’d like to purchase, along with any order notes (including personalizations). Please read the form carefully. You can email with the subject: BOOK ORDER HELP if you have any questions. But again, keep in mind that orders will be on a first come, first serve basis.

I know this is a short amount of time, but if I’m going to get everything signed and shipped in time for the holidays, it’s got to be quick. I promise I’ll do this again someday after I’ve released another book or two!

Now on to the big question I know everybody always has:

(The shipping situation in my WIP is that I’m currently shipping one character with like 3 other characters, and I can’t choose. Nor do I even know if there will be room for this in the book, but yeah I’m doing it anyway).

The shipping situation for ordering books from this post is as follows:

For US Residents:
You will have a choice between
– A flat rate padded envelope, which holds approximately 2-4 books depending on size and costs $8.40
-A medium-sized flat rate box, which is big enough to hold one of every book I’ve written with room to spare and costs $15.05. If you choose the medium box, but have extra room, I’ll try to fill it up with some extra swag or goodies. 🙂

Both of these options include fast delivery times of 1-3 business days and insurance. Please note: this does NOT include the time it will take for us to process your order, send you a Paypal invoice, collect payment, sign the book(s), and package them up to be mailed. You will be notified when your package has been put in the mail.

If you are interested in Media mail, you may email us separately and we can send you an invoice with the media mail price. This will be significantly cheaper, but cannot be guaranteed for delivery before the holidays. And I should warn you that some people find their media mail packages don’t arrive in the best shape. Insurance is also not included with Media Mail. BUT… I use it often. So if you don’t care when your book arrives, it’s a valid option.

For International Residents:
We WILL ship internationally, but prices vary by country and can be expensive. If you are an international reader, check “international shipping” on your order form and be certain we have your correct mailing address. We can then send you a quote for what your shipping would be. Or if you would like to estimate it yourself, you can use the Retail Postage Price Calculator on the US Postal Service website and get an estimate from my zip code (78758) to your zip code before ordering.


And that’s it! Get your orders in fast if there’s a book you really want, in case we run out. <3


And if you stuck around this long, it’s probably because you want to know what I’m doing with my life and my books. As I mentioned, I just moved into a new place. I’ll miss my old house by the lake, but this place is much closer into town, which is better with my health conditions. I don’t have to drive so much. It’s also a bit smaller and easier to take care of, but still with plenty of space for me and my office and the pets. Obviously, I’m deep in covid-misery with the rest of you. I’m considered fairly high risk, so I’ve been very cautious since pretty much January of this year.

As for writing, I’m still working on Reign. There’s a lot of story to wrap up in one final book, and I lost my editor to covid-layoffs, and life has been crazy. But I’m excited for this final installment in Aurora’s story. After Reign is done and put to bed, my plan is to return to my New Adult contemporary romances for a while. I’m feeling much better in terms of my health, but a lot has changed about me and my brain and my process in the last few years. High fantasy perhaps wasn’t the easiest battlefield to do all that learning and adjusting on. So, I’m looking forward to writing some contemporary projects where hopefully I’ll find it easier to develop a routine and perhaps gain at least a little bit of my old speed back. But all that being said, you guys know I still love fantasy and pararnormal everything. So I doubt it will be long before I’m diving back into those realms.

Thank you all for your love and care and encouragement through the last few years. Thank you for following me as I jumped genres and as my life turned upside down. Thank you all for being such wonderful readers and helping me to do what I love the most.

More soon! I feel like 2021 is going to be a good year!

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