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The One with the ROAR Street Team and a Giveaway!

If you’ve been wondering what my Street Team selection process looks like, here’s a brief overview:

1. When I open my computer and see all the amazing applications:


2. When I settle in to read those amazing applications and realize just how many there are:

3. When I realize I have to start making cuts

4. When I can’t make any more decisions because EVERY. SINGLE. APPLICATION. is amazing and it’s time to call in reinforcements


5. When my publicity team swoops in and helps make the final choices for me

Before anything else, I have to say THANK YOU to every single person who applied. I cannot even begin to describe how encouraging and exciting and absolutely humbling it is every time I do this. As I read through the applications, I felt your joy and your excitement for this book. That alone means everything to me. I’ve literally been happy crying all week. But more than that, so many of you have been with me through every book, and your willingness to jump into this new terrain with me is just so amazing. Many of you were names I recognize from social media or book signings or from stalking your bookstagrams. The first day I started going through the applications, I actually had two different maybe categories, because the idea of saying no to anyone was so painful, I was trying to avoid it as long as possible. But in the end, we had to cut well over 50% of the applications. Please know that if you didn’t make the list, it’s not because you’re not awesome or because your application was lacking in anyway. In the end, there were literally dozens of maybes that I would have quite gladly bumped up to the team if we’d had the space. But as I mentioned in my post on application day, we came to our decisions in array of different ways. We were looking for people with a variety of interests and skills and backgrounds. Some team members have big followings, some are just getting started and are hungry to dive in. Some live on the internet, and some talk books in the real world as librarians or teachers. Some people are artistic and others are super organized. We turned away a lot of really talented people not because we didn’t want them, but because we felt like we already had some avenues and skills well covered. So your presence or absence on our final list is in a no way a reflection of you and your worth to the book community. As a former book blogger (and former teacher), I know very well just how much work you all put in. I know the passion and heart you pour into this community, and I know it sometimes comes with very little acknowledgement or thanks. But if there’s one thing I’m certain of after visiting all your pages and sites, it’s that you all do incredible work, and readers and authors both are lucky to have you!

So all that being said, please know how grateful I am for your interest. All of your applications were such a balm to my soul, and I do hope you will keep in touch.


Now, without any further ado, I am absolutely thrilled to announce (in alphabetical order) the members of the Roar Street Team!

Ali Kiki
Alyssa Susanna
Ana Rodriguez
Ashlei Davison
Ashley St-Pierre
Ashley Williams
Austine Decker
Beth Edwards
Brie Wood
Caitlin Christensen
Carmina “Mina” Divinagracia
Casey Marie Sennett
Emilie Couture
Emily Miller
Fallon Vaughn
Genesis Reyes
Heather Pigg
Jamie Arkin
Jamie Schmitt
Jessica Ramirez
Kailey (@living.through.books)
Katie Anderson
Katie Stutz
Kayla Ritenour
Kelly Nagy
Kierstan Seimer
Krista Davis
Kristen Chandler
Liz Hollendonner
Lori Wilt
Mary Hinson
Megan Gallt
Michelle Adams
Mikee Andrea Quiambao
Milana Madzarac
Morgan Bermann
Nathalie Pierre
Nicole Thompson
Pavan Hansra
Rachel Micallef
Rachel Spencer
Renery Gatpayat
Riley Marie
Sara Santana
Sarah Fletcher
Stephanie Gibson
Stephanie Plotkin
Summer Webb
Sydney Laws
Talina Roma


YAYYYYYY!!! CONGRATULATIONS to everyone selected! I can’t wait to spend the next several months with y’all! And I especially can’t wait to usher ROAR into the world with you guys beside me.

If you were selected for the Roar Street Team, you’ll be getting an email from me early next week with more information. We’ll also be sending eARCs out via NetGalley (with print ARCS to follow once we’ve got all the fun swag ready to go too). If you have a dedicated NetGalley email address that is different than the address provided in your application, please send that information to my amazing publicist Diana at

Now….for everyone else: How about a giveaway???

I just happen to have some extra Roar ARCs lying around, so here’s what we’re going to do! I’m going to choose one winner from the remaining street team applications to win a signed ARC. You don’t need to enter, you already did that by filling out the application. Just keep an eye on your email today to see if you win.

And I’m giving away a second ARC on the rafflecopter below that is eligible for ANYONE to win! Both giveaways are open internationally.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And finally, make sure you pre-order your copy of Roar on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or iBooks – I can’t wait to share it with you!

Love and hugs,

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